Taking a Red Pen to Obama’s Quotes

By: Katrina Jorgensen

Last week, Obama gave a press conference covering issues ranging from the economy to  national security. Its not necessary to review the entire speech, so PIE has picked 13 highlights of the event. We even added some helpful comments for the President to consider when writing his next address to the American people; its so important to know how to write a persuasive essay. You can see our useful suggestions in red.


1. Assad called out.

Obama on Assad

I guess better late than never.


2. Referenced the Cold War directly.


Bold. But perhaps we should quote Karpal Singh: a wounded tiger is even more dangerous.


3. Blame congress.

Obama on congress

And threatened taking executive action.


4. Its not all bad news.


The economy was the one bright spot he listed (an issue millennial are still struggling with.)


5. Immigration is a problem, SRSLY.


But the real problem is congress not letting the President do what he wants.


6. We can’t use the word “invasion”.


Why? Because Putin won’t like it?


7. ISIS is a problem that we have no idea what to do about.


Worst. Possible. Statement.


8. NATO and stuff.


Don’t hold your breath.


9. Our mission is to protect Americans.


But not our allies, or refugees, or minorities, or asylum-seekers. Apparently, infrastructure is more important than people.


10. High expectations for Congress.


By all means, let’s not make the press conference partisan or divisive.


11. Sanctions on Russia.


So effective that Russia invaded Ukraine and called for eastern Ukraine to become a Russian state?


12. The importance of having a strategy.


Congress should have a strategy and tell Americans about it. Ironic.


13. Russia violated Ukraine’s sovereignty.


Can’t get ’em all wrong.


You can read the entire transcript or watch the press conference here. It’s also probably worth mentioning the audacity of taupe. Because fashion choices will always take priority over policy decisions.



About Katrina Jorgensen

Katrina Jorgensen is a devoted advocate for Millennial issues with deep concerns over the direction of America's foreign policy. She seeks to promote political education and empowerment for her generation. You can find her on Twitter @Veribatim. With her focus on Eurasia, Katrina acts as Senior Foreign Policy Advisor to the Young Republican National Federation, part of their International Committee. She is a writer and communication specialist in her day job. She regularly contributes to conservative blogs such as Red Alert and IJReview. She has worked as freelance journalist for think tanks, major media outlets and print newspapers. For 6 years, she ran her own web design and consulting company in Texas. Her true passion is non-profits. Katrina has worked for and advised multiple international NGOs. She volunteers her time and provides marketing advice to local charities and other not-for profit-organizations. Katrina also loves reading wonky foreign policy blogs, instgramming her cooking experiments, losing herself in a fiction novel, and exploring new places with her husband, Kai.
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