TCU’s Brite Divinity School pushes a radical gay agenda


The Brite Divinity School at Texas Christian University (TCU) has stepped into the culture wars in an unexpected way, supporting a radical pro-gay agenda that is sure to raise eyebrows.

The picture above, posted to Facebook by an unidentified individual, reportedly shows Brite School staff setting up a table at the recent Ft. Worth Pride Parade in October. A contingent from Brite also marched in the parade, who reportedly wore the t-shirt shown, claiming Jesus was gay and linking Him with a number of sexual orientations.

The school’s participation at the Ft. Worth Pride Parade is not the first time the school has shown public support for the LGBTQ movement. In fact, the school, and members of its faculty and staff, have a long history of supporting gay rights, despite their affiliation with the Disciples of Christ Church.

The Brite School has a program called The Carpenter Initiative on Gender, Sexuality and Justice, which the school claims “promotes conversations about healthy sexuality, enhances ministries with diverse communities that include bisexual, transgender, lesbian, and gay persons, and provides sanctuary and encouragement for ongoing dialogue and justice-oriented practice.” Brite is recognized by the GLAD Alliance (a group of pro-gay Christians) as the first seminary on their list of “Open and Affirming Ministries,” and even noted that Quinn Garcia, a recruiting officer at Brite, represented the school with a booth at Creating Change, a national conference on LGBT equality.

In January, LGBTQ activists across the nation took one day to speak out in support of gay rights, including Rev. Steve Sprinkle, a professor of practical theology at Brite. TCU itself has already catered to LGBTQ activists by setting aside student housing just for gay students.

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