Could Donald Trump be an anchor baby?

cruztrumpDuring last week’s Fox Business Republican Debate, many missed what I felt was the “slam of the night,” in which Ted Cruz threw Donald Trump’s “birther” theories right back in his face, exposing a blatant hypocrisy. It also exposed the possibility that Trump, believe it or not, could be an anchor baby!

In response to Trump bringing up the possibility that Cruz is ineligible to serve as President because he was born in Canada, Cruz responded “Back in September, my friend Donald Trump said he had his lawyers look at this from every which way and there was nothing there…now, since September, the Constitution hasn’t changed, but the poll numbers have.”

Cruz then unleashed a devastating argument that left Trump flustered. “I would note that the birther theories that Donald has been relying on, some of the more extreme ones, insist that one must not only be born on U.S. soil, but have two parents born on U.S. soil. Now under that theory, not only would I be disqualified, Marco Rubio would be disqualified, Bobby Jindal would be disqualified, and interestingly enough, Donald J. Trump would be disqualified, because Donald’s mother was born in Scotland. On the issue of citizenship, Donald, I’m not going to use your mother’s birth against you.”

Trump was visibly upset, likely because most Trump supporters who are rapid about immigration likely did not know his mother was herself an immigrant, who came here at a time when anyone could come to America without a visa.

Cruz’s statement raises a more interesting scenario: Donald’s mother came to America in 1930, and was later naturalized, but did she preferential treatment and become a citizen more quickly because of her marriage, an immigration principle he criticized after it benefited the San Bernadino husband-and-wife terrorist team?

Worse yet, if Donald’s mother was not naturalized by the time of his birth in 1946, then Donald himself is technically an anchor baby! The year that Trump’s mother became a citizen is not publicly known, and it is entirely possible that she wasn’t naturalized by 1946, ten years after she was married to an American citizen. Had Trump’s mother been working with today’s immigration system, the wait to become a citizen can be twenty years or more, so Trump would have definitely been an anchor baby. His mother would have definitely found it harder to even enter the country, which makes his hardline stance against even legal immigration both befuddling and hypocritical.

Watch the video and have a chuckle:

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