Thanks Chinese child labor! Nike gives Obama $700 Jordans

obamashoesOur tone-deaf President is at it again. While the economy takes its toll on the average worker, Obama it showing us that he really sympathizes with our pain, by getting his own pair of Air Jordan “MTM” sneakers before anyone else, as a gift from Nike.

According to a report by Esquire, President Obama received the shoes, valued at $700, when he visited the Nike plant in Beaverton, Oregon last week. Obama was there promoting the virtues of the Trans-Pacific Partnership, which could mean millions in new revenue and expanded manufacturing of their products overseas. Hence the gifts, which also included a pair of Jordan 11Lab4 sneakers, in a custom box with the Presidential seal (pictured above, with a Presidential approval to boot).

As a basketball fan and a Chicago resident, Obama likely enjoyed the gifts, enough so to forget that the Trans-Pacific Partnership could have negative effects on American companies. Matt LeBretton, the vice-president of New Balance (which makes its shoes in America), slammed the President for visiting Nike, saying “It would be great to have him come to a footwear company that actually still makes shoes in the United States.”

I wonder how all those burger flippers demanding $15 an hour think about their hero prancing around the Oval Office in $700 sneakers, while he pretends to sympathize with their cause.

I sure hope the kids in Nike’s Chinese shoe factory knew they were making these Jordans for the President. I’m sure it would have been the highlight of their 18-hour workday.

H/T: Esquire


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