The Bernie Sanders Socialist Action Figure, made possible by capitalism


Someone is making an action figure of America’s favorite socialist, but they need capitalism to do it. Believe it or not, there is actually demand for an action figure of Vermont Senator and Democratic Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders. Or in the case of this particular “Democratic Socialist,” inaction figure. To make the figure a reality, however, a toy company couldn’t rely on socialism, so they did something, well, ironic.

To immortalize America’s favorite socialist in plastic, Brooklyn-based design firm FCTRY decided to use the epitome of capitalism – crowdfunding. The company used a Kickstarter campaign to fund production, seeking $15,000. Over 7,500 people pledged over $220,000 to make “Little Bernie” happen. Socialists love toys, it seems. A $20 pledge gets you a figure, and $1 goes to the Sanders campaign. It would be more fitting that a Bernie supporter pays $20 for the figure, but it is given to someone else, in the true spirit of socialism.

Check out their online commercial for the figure:

The company seems to have a thing for Democrats. They also offer a Hillary Clinton figure:


Should you want one (although we can’t see why you would) you can click here to get one from Amazon. It will set you back $15, and we’re not sure if any of that goes to the Clinton Foundation.

And yes, there’s a Barack Obama action figure available as well.


You can also order an Obama action figure by clicking here, and it costs less than $10. Seems his lack of popularity is causing a drop in demand and lower prices.

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