The sad irony of the liberal murdered in DC on July 4


Kevin Sutherland

Normally, the murder of Kevin Sutherland in Washington, D.C. on July 4 would not have made big news. However, Sutherland was a member of Washington’s liberal inner circle: he was a staff member at New Blue Interactive, a digital communications strategy firm that supported liberal causes and Democratic candidates. His father, Doug Sutherland, ran unsuccessfully as a Democrat for State Representative in Connecticut last year.

Sutherland’s death has resonated inside and outside of the Beltway. It is also a sad reminder of the failure of liberal policies toward criminals and gun control, policies that Sutherland himself endorsed.

On Saturday, July 4, Kevin was stabbed to death on a D.C. subway train platform by Jasper Spires, who was arrested July 6. Police believe Spires was attempting to rob Sutherland, who was waiting for a train to visit friends and celebrate the Independence Day holiday. It was a brazen attack in a public place in the middle of the day. Sutherland, as you can see in the photo included here, is white. Spires is black. This murder, however, is more than just another tragic example of black-on-white crime.

As a liberal political activist, Kevin Sutherland made numerous statements that, in light of his murder, are both tragic and ironic. On June 23, Sutherland retweeted a statement by another Twitter user calling on Walmart to ban the sale of “assault weapons” (which were actually guns with ten round clips). He made numerous tweets calling for gun control after the Charleston shooting. Even with D.C.’s strict gun control laws, that did not help Sutherland. When his murderer could not get a gun, he used a knife to stab him to death.

On Twitter, he criticized the crackdown on rioters in Baltimore, and was upset that they were referred to as “thugs.” At one point, he even sympathized with them, tweeting “This rioting is wrong & hard to justify but I can’t imagine rioting unless I had nothing left to lose, which may say it all.” He often criticized police tactics on criminals and the nation’s high incarceration rate.

It should be noted that Spires was actually arrested by D.C. police just two days before he murdered Sutherland, but he had his charges reduced and he was released on Friday, July 3. provides more details:

According to D.C. police records, Spires, 18, was arrested Thursday on an unrelated charge of robbery using force and violence in Northwest Washington.

Court records show that he was released Friday, July 3, after the charges were reduced to two misdemeanors, simple assault and assault on a police officer. He pleaded not guilty in that case, details of which were not immediately available on Sunday.

In this case, a light hand on a thug’s offenses and an early release from incarceration cost a man his life.

The death of any human being is tragic, and one can only hope Kevin Sutherland’s family and friends are finding peace in this time. At the same time, however, we should take a hard look at how we as a society combat crime and treat our criminals. Sutherland’s positions on gun control, crime, and incarceration met the harsh realities of life on a D.C. train platform. It is a lesson we should wish on no one, and we should strive to ensure it never happens again.

Sources:, Kevin Sutherland Twitter account

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  • jonsen

    If only Sutherland or one of those people on the train just standing around watching it had a gun he’d still be alive and the world would have one less piece of trash.

  • Cynewulf

    Tragic. And, yet, you can just about guarantee that Doug Sutherland will not re-examine his beliefs but, instead, will double down on calling for policies that do not work (we’re not beating this dead horse enough; if we beat it at double the rate, it’ll spring up and win the race for us). I’ve often thought that leftists need to experience the outcomes of their own policies; however, sadly, I think most of them have defense mechanisms that are even resistant to that.

    • Claude Warner

      I absolutely guarantee he will not re-examine his beliefs. He’s deceased.

    • mgrafius

      A liberal is simply a conservative who hasn’t been mugged yet.

  • Randy

    Sadly, many “liberals” are quite blind when it comes to reality.

  • Mark Jaworowski

    I have long told young white liberals, “If you think your Obama sticker is going to save your white butt when urban thugs set out to harm you, you are totally wrong.”

  • Tantalus XVI

    Poor bastard… like a feminist who out lives her usefulness by becoming old and fat. Kid found out the hard way when WHOOPS my killer didn’t use a gun and received nothing but *crickets* from the people who stood shoulder to shoulder with him and these stupid laws. Sadly (not really) this is the only way liberals learn, a bullet train crashes into their reality at 200mph… they usually don’t survive, and those that do often commit suicide. People like Dana Loesch rise out of the rubble though.

    Liberals are truly sinister people.

  • Janet Miller

    What his beliefs were are very different from mine, he did not deserve this horrible death. It is the liberal agenda that is causing more crime more murder.

  • mjsorl

    When criminals are treated as they wish to be treated: accosted, beat upon and made to feel small, then and only then will the Silent Majority be free. Criminals are not born but they are taught by their piers that they can do as they see fit. Liberalism has taught the criminal element that it is OK to do as they see fit, and Liberals will make it better: I don’t think that works to good, even for them.

    • Bolt

      Dear mjs,

      When the deterrent value of capital punishment raised by opposing liberals, you can explain that Kevin Sutherland will not make the same mistake again.

      And his father’s stripes will not change. Liberals are deaf, dumb and blind to the results of their lack of common sense.

  • Andy Capp

    Sutherland also tweeted that the knife Freddy had was wasn’t.

  • Dayna Hamilton

    They need to ban knives now!

  • Black Bodies n’sheeit mang

    There’s nothing like REALITY to shatter the naive illusions of a libtard.

    • Phelony Jones

      You are way too charitable and optimistic.