The Washington Post’s Top 10 GOP candidates has a new #1


Chris Cillizza of The Washington Post has been ranking the top ten Republican Presidential candidates on an occasional basis, and his latest ranking has a surprising #1: Florida Senator Marco Rubio.

Despite the rise of outsiders like Ben Carson and Carly Fiorina, as well as the dominance of front-runner Donald Trump, Cillizza sees Rubio as the top contender, for several reasons. He notes Trump’s recent slide in the polls, and a general reluctance by most Republican voters to unite behind Carson and Fiorina. He believes Rubio’s strong debate performance and high approval rating makes him the most likely candidate for voters to get behind.

Cillizza’s #2 is a bit more baffling: Jeb Bush. Even though he is free-falling in the polls, Bush still has a PAC with a $100 million war chest, which Cillizza believes makes him formidable enough to be ranked so high. Trump ranks #3, even with his recent slide in the polls, because he still has a loyal bloc of GOP voters supporting him through thick and thin.

Fiorina comes in at #4, after not even making the top ten in the last ranking. Her strong debate performances and ability to articulate conservative principles has won her new support. Ted Cruz ranks #5, by continuing to win over voters while flying under the radar.

The top ten rankings are:

1.Marco Rubio

2. Jeb Bush

3. Donald Trump

4. Carly Fiorina

5. Ted Cruz

6. Ben Carson

7. John Kasich

8. Mike Huckabee

9. Chris Christie

10. Rand Paul

You can read the entire top ten analysis at The Washington Post by clicking here.


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