mocks Christianity, Justice Scalia over gay marriage decision

thewrapUsually, we see fair-weather fans in the sports world, but the legalization of gay marriage by the Supreme Court has got everyone jumping on the rainbow-colored bandwagon, especially entertainment news sites hungry for readers, like Rather than cover the decision with class and humility like others are, is using the opportunity to “stick it” to many on the right, including Justice Antonin Scalia and Christians who oppose gay marriage on moral grounds. news editor Jordan Burchette (pictured) opens a video report on the gay marriage decision with the words “Suck It, Scalia,” an indicator that they are trying hard to appear edgy and relevant, instead of just being competent journalists. It’s funny in a pathetic sort of way, like the kid in school who would constantly give you stuff so you would be his friend.

Burchette proceeds to state that four justices dissented on the majority court decision in order not to arouse the wrath of “the Sun God Ra,” an obvious reference to the personal faith the four justices have referenced in the past. He continues his snarky remarks by echoing Scalia’s remarks that the activist court is a “threat to American democracy,” and then said Scalia would have tweeted his remarks, but hadn’t yet “figured out how to connect his stone tablets to the internet,” a more direct swipe at Scalia’s Christian faith.

Burchette then used a tweet from WQAD meteorologist Eric Sorensen to mock God’s likely disfavor over the decision, which stated “I haven’t heard of any earthquakes, volcanoes, or pestilence yet.”

You can view the entire video segment below:

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