This conservative icon showed up at the Dallas Planned Parenthood protest

plannedparenthoodsignLast Saturday (August 22), thousands of pro-life advocates held protests outside Planned Parenthood locations nationwide, motivated by a series of undercover videos that showed the graphic harvesting of baby parts and the selling of those parts by Planned Parenthood clinics and staff.

That included the Planned Parenthood abortion facility in south Dallas, where Pastor Stephen Broden has been holding weekly protests. Broden is upset that once again, Planned Parenthood has opened an abortion clinic in the heart of a city’s black community, a running trend for the nation’s largest abortion provider.

The August 22 protest saw a huge jump in the size of the crowd outside the Dallas clinic. Broden spoke to the crowd about the need to defund Planned Parenthood and end the abortion genocide, and he had an unannounced attendee: conservative icon, radio talk show host, and media giant Glenn Beck.

Beck kept a low profile, and did not address the crowd. He did, however, record part of Pastor Broden’s speech (included below) and posted it to his Facebook page with this caption, noting that no Dallas media showed up to cover the protest. He also mentions that many major companies still fund Planned Parenthood, and his son wonders if they will need to change their buying habits to avoid those companies:

No media at this pro-life anti planned parenthood event!

I pulled my cell phone out and recorded Pastor Stephen Broden calling out Planned Parenthood and what they are doing to blacks in America and then hits the church hard!

On the way out my son, who I thought wasn’t listening, asked if we could stop shopping at Walmart, Target, and Home Depot (Editor’s note: they were mentioned as possible supporters of Planned Parenthood).

I told him that when we got home we would research and see if they indeed do fund Planned Parenthood. If so, yes we will email them and Facebook post on their page and let them know.

Beck later posted a list from The Daily Signal that listed companies that donate to Planned Parenthood. Walmart, Target, and Home Depot are not on the list.

Pastor Broden continues his weekly protests outside the south Dallas Planned Parenthood at 7989 West Virginia Drive. Protests are held every Tuesday, the only day Planned Parenthood performs abortions at the facility. For more information or to join the protests, visit Pastor Broden’s Facebook page by clicking here.

Here is Beck’s video of the protest:

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  • nmpher29

    So I guess a few years ago when they were investigated and asked if they performed abortions and said NO, they must have lied. They just do referrals they said. They also said Federal money would never be used for abortions. They’ve come a long way, haven’t they?