This hilarious video shows Hillary Clinton answering ‘tough’ questions on the Today Show


NBC’s Today Show was more than willing to give Hillary Clinton free air time Monday to hold a town hall and answer questions from Iowa voters. It’s a privilege the show has not given to any of the Republican candidates, and once the questions started, it was easy to see why.

Rather than answering tough questions worthy of a potential commander-in-chief, Clinton answered a series of softball questions, and the town hall turned into a love fest a Clinton hasn’t experienced since Monica Lewinsky visited the Oval Office.

Thanks to a video by The Washington Free Beacon, we get to see the highlights from the town hall. Clinton talked less about Benghazi and secret email servers and more about flipping pancakes, her favorite book, and how horrible Republicans are. After a series of fawning questions,  Matt Lauer proclaimed “I thought the questions were good,” while Natalie Morales insisted Clinton fielded some “really great questions.”

Check out the video here:

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