Top Ten Issues Millennials Care About in 2014 Elections

In order from least important to most important, these are the issues that Millennials care about in 2014, based on Pew Research and Gallup polls. Note that the 18-34 age group makes up about 25% of the population—but a population that has admitted they probably won’t be turning out for the midterm elections. But if they did, here’s what would drive their vote.


10. Health Insurance/Obamacare

health insurance

9. The Environment


8. Housing costs/Being able to afford a home


7. Student loans/Affordable education


6. The budget deficit


5. Gender/Race/Sexual equality


4. The situation in the Middle East


3. How the federal government works (or doesn’t)


2. The availability of good jobs.


1. The “Economy”

the economy


So what do you think? Are these your top issues? What would you add? Would you rearrange them? Most of all: WILL YOU VOTE FOR THEM?

About Katrina Jorgensen

Katrina Jorgensen is a devoted advocate for Millennial issues with deep concerns over the direction of America's foreign policy. She seeks to promote political education and empowerment for her generation. You can find her on Twitter @Veribatim. With her focus on Eurasia, Katrina acts as Senior Foreign Policy Advisor to the Young Republican National Federation, part of their International Committee. She is a writer and communication specialist in her day job. She regularly contributes to conservative blogs such as Red Alert and IJReview. She has worked as freelance journalist for think tanks, major media outlets and print newspapers. For 6 years, she ran her own web design and consulting company in Texas. Her true passion is non-profits. Katrina has worked for and advised multiple international NGOs. She volunteers her time and provides marketing advice to local charities and other not-for profit-organizations. Katrina also loves reading wonky foreign policy blogs, instgramming her cooking experiments, losing herself in a fiction novel, and exploring new places with her husband, Kai.