Want Donald Trump to insult you too? There’s an app for that!


Thanks to the insult generator, the writer of this article was smacked around by Trump’s verbal wizardry.

Donald Trump can be a bit of a grump when it comes to his political rivals, we can all agree on that. Whether he’s questioning John McCain’s military service and calling him a “dummy,” giving out Lindsey Graham’s cell phone number, or saying Rick Perry needs an IQ test, Trump has taken political insults to a whole new level.

With all the political incivility flying around, you might feel personally left out of the sideshow. Seriously, who wouldn’t want to be insulted by The Donald? Now, thanks to Time.com, there’s now an app for that. Sort of.

Called the “Donald Trump Insult Generator,” this widget on Time.com’s website will take actual insults Trump sent out on his Twitter account and insert your name into it, creating a fake tweet that appears to be from The Donald himself and slamming you for the unsuccessful, middle-class serf that you are. It’s pretty awesome.

After inputting a name, various insults like “The goofball atheist never had a chance,” “liberal clown,” “total lightweight,” “loser,” and “dummy” are paired with it. You can then share the fake tweet on Twitter or Facebook so your friends and followers can join in the mockery as well.

Trump himself has yet  to weigh in the “insult generator,” but we’re sure he’s developing his own insult generating app as we speak.

Until then, click here to visit Time.com and check out the “Insult Generator” for yourself.

H/T: Tony Hernandez, who likes getting insulted by Trump too

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