Watch crabby Hillary Clinton gripe at her own supporter (VIDEO)

hillarygripestillUntil recently, tales of Hillary Clinton’s crabby demeanor were like Bigfoot sightings. We always heard about them, and we were pretty sure they existed, but there has been very little video evidence. That’s changed in the past few years, as her Benghazi testimony gave America a glimpse of the rage within. The rage that Slick Willie has had to face behind closed bedroom doors. The rage that now wants to be President.

As Hillary continues her “Democratic Coronation Tour,” more cracks in the facade are opening. The latest, as shown by Fox News/Fox and Friends Facebook post, shows Hillary at a recent campaign stop, where she griped at a supporter who only wanted a picture, telling her to “go to the back of the line.” Apparently, leaning in for three seconds with a peasant is asking far too much. Here’s the video:

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