We finally found Bernie Sanders’ only black supporter

berniesandersYou’ve heard of Bernie Sanders, haven’t you? He is the self-proclaimed socialist and junior senator from Vermont. He’s also running an underdog campaign for the Democratic nomination for President. If you’re a minority and are unfamiliar with Sanders, don’t feel bad, because only white people have ever heard of the guy.

Sanders’ lack of minority support for his campaign is shocking, considering how most minorities tend to vote Democrat. The New York Times even weighed in on the issue, saying the lack of support from the black community in particular is a sign Sanders isn’t really a legitimate threat to Hillary Clinton’s likely coronation as the Democratic nominee. While speaking at the Netroots Nation conference in Phoenix on Saturday, black protesters demanding civil justice for victims of racism shouted him down.

There is, however, good news for Bernie. It appears he actually has a black supporter. And we found him.

Sanders held a rally at the Phoenix Convention Center on Saturday after his Netroots Nation appearance. It was the largest crowd he’s attracted so far, around 11,000 by one estimate. Sanders even tweeted a photo of the crowd, shown below. As you can see, the crowd is whiter than a loaf of bread with the crust cut off. However, if you look closely, and use your “Where’s Waldo” skills, you can find his black supporter. You can click on each photo to see a higher quality version.


See him? If not, let us help you out with a red circle:


 Still having trouble? Here, let us zoom in for you:


As you can see, this guy is wearing what appears to be a Bernie Sanders button, which all but confirms this gentleman as his only black supporter.

However, if you look in the lower left corner of the photo, there is evidence of a possible second black man:


Due to the poor quality of the photo, we cannot confirm if this second gentleman is black or actually Rachel Dolezal black. In addition, we cannot confirm if he is a member of the media or an actual supporter. He appears to be looking down at his phone, and could possibly be texting a friend that he thinks he is in the wrong place.

Either way, this bodes well for the Sanders campaign: not only has he made inroads with the black community, he may have doubled his support in one fell swoop. Good for you, Bernie!

Source: Bernie Sanders Twitter account

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  • Dale Wellman

    Democrats know minorities will vote for them in the general election. So there is no reason to gain minority support. Democrats only need to throw the minority voters some well rehearsed platitudes and those voters will lap it up as they have always done.