What Are Thooose! Klan member caught wearing FUBU shoes at rally

FUBU - the unofficial footwear of clueless Klan members.

FUBU – the unofficial footwear of clueless Klan members.

Obviously, members of the Ku Klux Klan aren’t the brightest folks around. Still, when an ironic moment involving a Klan member arises, we can all unite in appreciation, without feeling guilty over mocking their stupidity.

When George Chidi showed up to film a Klan rally in Georgia, he came across the man shown in the video below, who held a cap with a Klan logo (you can see it in the screenshot above) and waved around a Confederate flag. After ranting about all the terrible things black people have done, he tried to dismiss the irony when Chidi informed him that he was wearing FUBU shoes.

FUBU, for the uninitiated, was an urban line of clothes and shoes that became popular during the 1990s with rappers and the black community (and white kids who wanted to be black). Based in Queens, New York, the company was founded by four black men and employed black people in the economically-neglected area. The company name was said to be an acronym for the phrase “For Us By Us.” The line declined in popularity over a decade ago, which is likely how a pair came to find its way to this piece of racist white trash.

Chidi did a nice job humiliating the Klan member, although he missed an obvious cultural reference by not yelling “What Are Thoooooose!” If you don’t get the meaning of that catchphrase, it’s basically a way to criticize one’s choice in footwear, like wearing unfashionable shoes in public, wearing sandals with socks, and wearing FUBU shoes if you’re a Klan member. There’s a handy video below that explains it more. But first, here’s the video of the incident for your enjoyment.

If you need to get caught up on the whole “What are Those” thing, this video pretty much sums it up. You will be sick of the phrase by the time the video finishes.

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