Where are Obama’s tears for these issues?


By now, you’ve all seen President Obama’s weepy press conference in which he issued new executive orders for gun control. Kevin Jackson of The Black Sphere posted a great list of things that deserved Obama’s tears more than gun control. They include:

  • The four Benghazi victims who died at the hands of an inept Secretary of State, and a foreign policy to match
  • The victims of Fast & Furious, where the Federal government allowed illegal weapons to be shipped into Mexico, and the guns were later used to kill a border patrol agent and other Americans
  • The Chattanooga victims of a radical Muslim
  • The Fort Hood victims of a radical Muslim
  • Paster Saaed who was held hostage in an Iranian prison as Obama made deals with the Mullahs that didn’t include him
  • The political prisoners held in dungeons in Cuba, as Obama lifted sanctions and normalized relations
  • All the daily victims in Obama’s hometown of Chicago, a city with strict gun-control policies
  • The victims of abortion, or as Obama likes to call them…burdens
  • The chronically unemployed
  • The 16 million more people Obama has put on welfare
  • The Christian girls kidnapped by Boko Haram who are now sex slaves to Muslim animals
  • The Syrian Christians Obama rejected as refugees
  • The people in Boston who lost their lives when terrorists attacked the Boston Marathon
  • The one million Christians who have been executed by various Muslim terror groups, during the Era of Obama
  • Kathryn Steinle’s family and the countless others who have had their lives destroyed due to illegals entering America, and Obama’s policies condoning such treachery
  • For our veterans who died while on waiting lists at the VA

Maybe we should send this list to the White House, along with some onions to help him work up some tears, since he doesn’t seem to be moved emotionally by these situations.

H/T: The Black Sphere

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