Where’s Al Sharpton? Black female marine court-martialed for her faith

sterlingIn case you’re wondering what sort of effect President Obama’s promise to “fundamentally change” America is having, look no further than the U.S. Marines.

Once the ultimate example of toughness and stubborn determination, the Marines have been infected by a bunch of petty, vindictive sissies with a bad case of butthurt. For proof, consider the court martial of Lance Corporal Monifa Sterling, who was dishonorably discharged last year for – wait for it – refusing to remove a Bible verse she had hung on her computer.

The verse, Isaiah 54:17, stated “No weapon formed against me will prosper.” While it may sound like a perfect verse for a Marine, her supervisor, a woman identified as “Sgt. Alexander,” told Sterling that “she didn’t like the tone” of the verse, and ordered her to remove it. Sterling refused, and Alexander targeted her for insubordination and her subsequent court-martial. It sounds like Mean Girls, Marine Edition.

One has to wonder how any Marine, who has had to endure the insults of R. Lee Ermey-types during basic training at Camp Lejune, would be so sensitive over a Bible verse. Remember, this is the same military relaxing uniform regulations for Muslims. Where’s the “OORAH” mentality in letting someone practice their Christian faith?

Where is the outrage from the Left that a black woman is being marginalized and prosecuted right out of the Marines? Shouldn’t her race and her sex give liberals sufficient reason to take up her cause? Or does the fact that she is a Christian negate the other factors? Maybe if she were a lesbian instead of a Christian, Sterling would have hit the liberal trifecta.

The obvious question is this: where is Al Sharpton, who fancies himself the defender of Black America against injustice? Wouldn’t this be something that concerns him, being an actual REVEREND? Perhaps Sharpton thinks Lance Corporal Sterling isn’t the fine upstanding citizen former Ferguson resident Michael Brown was. Or maybe there just isn’t any money in fighting for a Marine.

You can click here to read more on Sterling from Todd Starnes and Fox News. You can click here to read the original court-martial decision


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