Why does Donald Trump keep lying about not taking donations? (VIDEO)


After Saturday night’s CBS Republican Presidential Debate in South Carolina, Donald Trump appeared on Fox News to discuss his performance. During his interview, he repeated a popular refrain from his stump speeches, namely that he takes no donations and self-funds his campaign. Here’s the video of the claim:

It would be a noble stand to take, if it were true. However, a quick check of Trump’s website easily proves this is untrue. Not only does Trump take individual donations, he takes them up to the maximum allowed by law, $2,7000. A screen capture of the donation form from our original report on this issue in August of 2015 is shown above and the same page is still available on his website today.

Trump supporters insist that he is referring to Super PACs and corporate donations, but this claim does not hold water. Trump’s statements are intentionally vague and misleading, insisting that he is “self-funded” (which is untrue) and he never specifies between individual and corporate donations, which allows him to backpedal is necessary. It is this practice of making misleading or vague statements that gives so many conservatives pause over Trump’s candidacy. Moreover, to claim he doesn’t need or take donations is insulting to the thousands of supporters that have donated their hard-earned money to his campaign.

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