Woman avoids murder charges over late-term abortion

Kenlissia Jones, who killed her son with abortion drugs she bought off the internet.

Kenlissia Jones, who killed her son with abortion drugs she bought off the internet.

Kenlissia Jones has managed to escape the punishment of Georgia authorities who arrested her and charged her with murder. Her son, however, couldn’t escape her punishment. He lived for only 30 agonizing minutes in the back seat of a car, after his mother induced the abortion that killed him.

According to the Washington Post, Jones bought the prescription abortion pill Cytotec online from a company in Canada to deal with her unwanted pregnancy. Her unborn son was at least 22 weeks old, which violated Georgia’s ban on late-term abortions after 20 weeks, due to fetal pain. After Jones took the pills, she experienced severe pain, and gave birth to her son in the back of a neighbor’s car while attempting to go to the hospital. The baby died after 30 minutes, and Jones was later arrested and charged with murder and the sale, distribution or possession of dangerous drugs.

However, murder charges were later dismissed. Dougherty County District Attorney Greg Edwards explained why in a statement to the Post:

“I dismissed that malice murder warrant after thorough legal research by myself and my staff led to the conclusion that Georgia law presently does not permit prosecution of Ms. Jones for any alleged acts relating to the end of her pregnancy. Although third parties could be criminally prosecuted for their actions relating to an illegal abortion, as the law currently stands in Georgia, criminal prosecution of a pregnant woman for her own actions against her unborn child does not seem permitted.”

Although she will avoid prosecution for murder, Jones will still face misdemeanor charges for the possession of dangerous drugs. Her actions, however, do not sit well with her family, including the woman’s own brother, who mourned the loss of his nephew when a hospital worker informed him of the news:

“These past four days, I cried buckets of tears; I cried in that lady’s office for a long time,” Rico Riggins told The Washington Post. “It was gut-wrenching. I hate it. I just really, really hate it.”

Thanks to a lax set of laws dealing with abortion, it seems some black lives do not matter as much as others.

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