You won’t believe what Bernie Sanders supporters yelled at a civil rights icon


You know all those open-minded, tolerant liberals flocking to Bernie Sanders and his quest to bring socialism to the White House? Turns out they aren’t nearly as progressive as they would have you think. In fact, they recently tried to censor a civil rights leader from speaking Spanish, screaming that she speak “English only.”

At a caucus in Las Vegas on Saturday, Dolores Huerta, considered by many to be a civil rights icon as the co-founder (with Cesar Chavez) of the United Farm Workers, was in attendance. The winner of the Presidential Medal of Freedom has also worked to ensure fair treatment of workers, immigrants, and women. She’s also a long-time Democrat and liberal, so one might think she would be welcomed with open arms by supporters of Bernie Sanders. Think again.

When the caucus chairman asked for someone to provide a Spanish translation of the caucus instructions, Huerta volunteered. Las Vegas has a large Latino population, and the chair felt many in attendance would benefit from a Spanish translation to explain the nuances of the complicated caucus process. However, Sanders supporters screamed in protest, insisting instructions be given in “English only.” Ultimately, Huerta was not allowed to provide a translation, and she later tweeted about it:


Actress America Ferrera also tweeted about the incident, which seems to be motivated by the idea that Latino voters would likely vote for Hillary Clinton.

Huerta was slammed by high-profile Sanders supporters for bringing the incident to light. Actress Susan Sarandon basically called Huerta a liar, insisting on Twitter that there was no “chanting” of “English only” according an online video of the caucus. The video, however, clearly shows Sanders supporters shouting down the idea of Huerta speaking Spanish. Twitter users immediately chastised Sarandon, insisting they would take Huerta’s word over hers any day.

Ironically, despite efforts to squelch the Latino vote in this instance, Sanders actually won the Latino vote in Nevada, according to some exit polls.

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