You won’t believe what this child was doing at a gay pride parade

gayprideparadeA YouTube video of a young boy twerking and dancing provocatively at a gay pride parade in Brazil has gone viral, causing widespread criticism and debate over whether the sexualization of children is a problem in the gay community.

In the video, a shirtless boy who appears to be about 10 years old is seen wearing only a small pair of cut-off jean shorts while he dances in the street during the gay pride parade. provides more details:

Shirtless and clothed only in a pair of tight denim shorts, the video features the young boy dancing like Miley Cyrus at the MTV music video awards while RuPaul’s song “Sissy That Walk” plays in the background amidst the cheers of LGBT drag queens. The most jaw-dropping moment comes when the boy drops his groin to the ground and begins humping the asphalt.

At one moment in the video, which has yet to receive attention by most commentators, an adult male wearing a sparkly rainbow shirt appears to step forward attempting to either touch or dance with the boy and is held back by a woman close by.

Notable homosexualist publications like Gay Star News and Pink News have attempted to downplay the video by engaging in ad hominem attacks, saying the video was posted by white supremacists looking to raise homophobia. By gleaning through the comments on Youtube, they culled the few nutjob trolls spouting anti-semitism while shouting “death to f*gg*ts” to somehow discredit a video that clearly shows the perversity present at many LGBT pride events across the world.

You can view the video here. Note that some may not be able to view the video due to YouTube restrictions on content and age:

The mention of the adult male attempting to interact somehow with the young boy is particularly disturbing, especially when the woman standing next to him actually has to pull him back. This, coupled with the popularity of NAMBLA (The North American Man/Boy Love Association) among some in the gay community raises concerns that the exploitation of children is not being adequately addressed. Amazingly, LGBT activists have yet to step forward to condemn the video. Instead, some are even praising the young boy’s dancing as a way to fight homophobia.


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